Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HaLloWEen iS HeRE!!!

Jack-O-Lantern Blocks $12.50

Happy Halloween Blocks $12.50

Witchy Witch Stacker $6.50

Lg. Witch Boot $15.95

Welcome Board $8.50

Halloween Dangles $12.50

**NEW!** You can now buy the dangles individually for other uses. $4.00 each

Halloween Dangles $12.50 set of 5

Halloween Crafts!!!

Jack-O-Lantern $12.50

About 20 inches long.

Witchy, Witchy Stacker $6.50

Fun shelf filler!

Price does not include shipping.

Cute Witch Boot. $15.95.
About 18 inches tall.
Great for front porch!
Price does not include shipping.

Halloween Dangles $12.50 each. Pluse shipping.

Witch Hat, Boo block, Witch Boot, Skelley and Candy Corn.