Wednesday, September 23, 2009

HaLloWEen iS HeRE!!!

Jack-O-Lantern Blocks $12.50

Happy Halloween Blocks $12.50

Witchy Witch Stacker $6.50

Lg. Witch Boot $15.95

Welcome Board $8.50

Halloween Dangles $12.50

**NEW!** You can now buy the dangles individually for other uses. $4.00 each


  1. CUTE stuff girls! I love the dangles. Have you looked into getting an Etsy shop online too?

  2. I need to put in an order, do you have an email or phone number? I need 2 sets of halloween dangles, 1 welcome board and then 1 of your summer dangles and fall dangles if you still have them. I work at McKay Surgical Center. I will pick them up from you or have Janice bring them to me instead of shipping them. Melodie 388-4355

  3. I have someone interested in your cute crafts but you do not have a phone number or E-mail address on your blog. If you want business then you really need to put that information on so people can contact you. My daughter-in-law has been ordering things from you and I love them.